Fabian Huebner is a self-taught photographer who grew up in the beautiful Black Forest in Germany. Here he learned to see and experience the incredible and remarkable nature surrounding all of us. Therefore he has always had a great acknowledgement of that gift that we are granted. Due to his studies at a Design University he is currently living in Hamburg, when he is not visiting his home or about to discover new and rediscover old destinations.

In his photographs he is taking unique captures and then redrawing them with his very own editing style, which he has been working on very hard and evolving for the past years. He mainly focuses on inimitable landscapes, wild nature and adventurous shots, as well as cars, architecture and also lifestyle photos. Furthermore he has worked with several selected partners in different ways. Over the years Fabian has let hundreds of thousands of people participate in his journey, which they were able to follow on Social Media platforms, such as Instagram and co. He is looking forward to continuing this journey in the future, which one can definitely call his passion.

What is a really important matter to him is to keep deep respect for the earth itself and making sure to show the amount of gratitude it deserves from us every day. So it´s also one of his great concerns to keep the CO2 footprint as small as possible in all the travels he takes, which is also the reason he´s so keen on discovering the many places in Europe first.

“In everyone´s direct environment there is so much unseen beauty to discover by anyone, you just have to keep your eyes open and then it will surely come to you easily.” – Fabian Huebner


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